Give Lotus·

The New Beginning

After three years, the Lotusia Stewardship is reinvigorated to spreading the #GiveLotus ethos

The lotus flower is a widely known symbol of struggle and perseverance. It is evident to those that have been involved with the Give Lotus community since its inception that the struggle has halted all progress. The leadership lost sight of its vision; it fell victim to the struggle and lost its will to persevere.

In recent weeks, I have seriously pondered all of the past three years of Give Lotus history, and wondered where I may have gone wrong. I also pondered how these actions have helped to stagnate the progress of Lotus. How could a project with such promise and with such initial energy have been derailed and fallen this low?

What I realized is that I was allowing myself to be diverted from the Lotus mission, getting lost in the clouds for months and going absolutely nowhere. I also realized that my own fear and lack of willingness to take risks directly contributed to this inaction.

On April 30th of this year, I had a series of epiphanies about Lotus, my role within it, and what I must do to bring the project forward. It was the most clarifying experience of my life. It felt like I had died and been reborn; a new lotus seed finally breaching the surface of the mud and receiving its first sunlight.

Thank you to all that have kept the faith in the project throughout the struggles. Three years of Lotus is just the beginning.

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