The Ecosystem

Lotusia is a vibrant and aligned Ecosystem consisting of a Stewardship, Treasury, and Citizenry

The Stewardship

The Turtles

The path to prosperity is forged by the Stewardship, comprised of the Turtles that are bound to a strict set of Core Values and Duties. The Turtles are the highly-aligned core leadership with a proven track record of dedication. While Citizens are free to come and go, Turtles are steadfast.

Lotus is not to be an investment, but our investments in each other will generate more Lotus.
Shammah Chancellor

Shammah Chancellor

President Turtle - Lead Architect and COO

Free men do not ask permission to build the solutions society needs.
Sean Ballard

Sean Ballard

Priest Turtle - Relations and Outreach Strategist

Don't hoard tokens; hoard and foster human relationships. Lotus is a multi-generational project.
Matthew Urgero

Matthew Urgero

Faithful Turtle - Architect and Operations

Core Values

Aligning the Stewardship is impossible without strict adherence to guiding principles.

Question all things, including all authorities, and especially our own beliefs, so that the Truth remains at the forefront of our collective consciousness.
Maintain private and public accountability and responsibility for our thoughts, decisions, vocalizations, actions, and all of the subsequent outcomes of them.
Demonstrate effective Leadership through patience, understanding, and working towards the Common Good.
Remain vigilant against dogmatic attachment to the status quo; if something is unequivocally broken, find a solution and fix it.


Fostering Ecosystem growth is of paramount interest to the Stewardship and their Duties are performed specifically for this purpose.

Public Goods
Develop, release, and maintain key software and infrastructure as the technological foundation of the Ecosystem
Distribute Stewardship funds among new projects, rewards programs, and other public engagements to facilitate currency circulation and Ecosystem growth
Review current economic conditions, enact changes to Economic Consensus, review applications for project funding, and induct new Turtles into the Stewardship
Provide transparency reports on a regular basis to the Ecosystem, provide productive commentary on current events, and encourage general participation from the Ecosystem at large
The Treasury

The Miners

Collectively forming the Treasury branch of the Lotusia Ecosystem, the Miners are the crux of the economy, responsible for Issuance of new Lotus, Economic Consensus, and Stewardship Funding. Unlike other Treasury institutions, the Miners of the Treasury are distributed worldwide.

Miners run Lotus blockchain software on their computers to establish the Lotus network and maintain the distributed public ledger. The Lotus blockchain software is a Public Good provided by the Stewardship.
Powerful computers are used to convert electricity into Lotus currency. The cryptographic proof of this electricity conversion is distributed to other Miners and validated to ensure no one Miner can counterfeit Lotus.
Through Proof-of-Work, the Miners signal their alignment and satisfaction with the Stewardship, thus establishing Consensus within the Treasury and for the Ecosystem as a whole.
As new Lotus is issued, the Treasury provides 50% of the new Lotus to the Stewardship directly. The distributed public ledger maintained by the Treasury is transparent and fully auditable.
The Citizenry

The Value of the Ecosystem

The Citizenry is the heart of the Ecosystem, comprised of every human that has given or received Lotus. It is the Citizenry that is the true value of the Ecosystem. By living the principles of Lotusia by example as often as possible, the Citizenry bolsters the value of themselves and all others.

Those that wish to become Citizens are never denied
Lotusia could not exist nor function without the culture of Giving fostered by its Citizenry
Growth Through Understanding
A society of growth, Lotusia prioritizes Understanding as its modus operandi, as there can be no Growth without Understanding

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